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The Mystery Hill New Hampshire website was launched in March of 2010 to provide accurate information and in depth discussion of the site’s archaeology. It was originally a sub-section of the Stone Structures of Northeastern U.S. website (www.stonestructures.org) website. It was subsequently spun-off as a separate site due to the volume of information and the growing need for a dedicated website on the subject.

The purpose of this website is to provide an independent scientific discussion of the origins, purpose, and cultural affiliation of the America’s Stonehenge archaeological site. It is a continuation and expansion of the research originally published America’s Stonehenge Deciphered (2006). A revised and updated version of the book is schedule for release in 2011.


The MysteryHillNH.info domain is an independent website authored by stone structure researchers and authors, Mary Gage and James Gage (mother & son). The opinions expressed on this website are those of the authors (unless otherwise state).


The authors may be contacted with any questions, comments and inquiries you have at the email address shown in the copyright notice on the bottom of the screen. The email address has 10 megabyte limited for attached files.